Rules for IceQuake

Nick D’Andrea (

A game for a bunch of players. (At least two)

Suggested: 4



An Icehouse game by Nick D'Andrea

Playtested version 1

No additional equipment required, but must be played on a smooth surface.

For any number of players possible (more than 1 though, and it was designed for 2.)



To capture as many pips as possible by knocking over opponent's towers with your own.


Each player gets one color of pieces, which are kept in a stash before being played.


The turn:

On a player's first turn, he must place a small piece upright on the playing surface, which is now the base of a tower.

On later turns, you may do one of the following to a tower you control.  You may NOT start a new tower by simply placing a small piece the way you did on your first turn.

1. Add to a tower - Add a piece to a tower which is the same size as the rest of the pieces in the tower.

2. Grow a tower - Increase the size of all pieces in a tower by 1.

3. Move a tower - Exactly that.  You can't do this more than 3 times in a row.

4. Knock over a tower - Exactly that.  The point of this is to knock over (an) opponent's tower(s).  Here's what's done with the pieces:

Opponent's pieces lying down or weird: These are captured and put in a separate pile by the player who did the knocking.

Opponent's pieces that land standing up: These are left exactly as they are.  They may become new towers.

Your pieces (including ones you knocked down like opponent's towers): The former top and base of the tower are turned upright and become bases of new towers.  The other pieces are returned to the owner's stash.

Pieces that go off the playing field: No matter who they belong to, you capture them.


End of game: When a player cannot do anything on his turn, the game ends.  Each player counts the total pip count of the pieces they captured.  Whoever has the highest pip count wins.


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