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Rules for Uibadi

Nick D’Andrea (

A game for a bunch of players. (At least two)

Suggested: 3

Note: For clarification, color does not matter.


Equipment Required: Nothing except an Icehouse set, though paper and pencil and more pieces would be useful.


Object: To win 3 or more battles and have no attackers pointing at you.  You may win at any time during the game.


Setup:  Put all the pieces in an area away from the play area, or designate it with, as in the original Icehouse game, a “stash pad” because the play area is theoretically infinite.



Players take turns (except in battles)

Choose the order (any way you like)


During your turn, you may do one of the following:

-Take a piece from the designated piece collection and put it out in the play area, either pointing upwards, as a blocker, or pointing towards another player, as an attacker.  Note: You can only place a large-sized piece if there is at least one medium and one small in the play area.  You can only place a medium-sized piece if there is at least three small pieces in the play area.  Mediums and larges, however, are not destroyed when mediums or larges cannot be placed in the play area.

-Increase the size of a piece that is not pointing at (attacking) you. Note: The rules for creating non-small pieces apply.

At the end of each turn, examine the play area.

-If an attacker is pointing directly at a blocker, the smaller of the two is destroyed and put back in the piece stash.

          -If an attacker is pointing directly at an attacker of a different size, then the smaller of the two is destroyed.

          -If an attacker is pointing directly at an attacker of the same size, initiate ‘battle’ iff all players have, at any one time, had at least two attackers freely pointing at another player.  If not, then just turn both attackers upright.

          -If a player has won at least one battle and at least five unblocked attackers pointing at him or her, then that player’s tower should have one of the battles counted as a loss for both players.

Battle in Uibadi

There is one big difference in the battle system of Uibadi to the main game:  The battle is real-time.


First, decide who is involved in this battle.

Do this by looking at the attackers that caused the battle.  Find the players that the two attackers are ultimately pointing at.  Those two players are the battlers.


Next, take the attackers that are involved and stand them upright.  The one closer to each player is the one each player in this battle has to defend.


Thirdly, each player chooses how many successful attackers pointing at the other player in the battle he or she wishes to use.  Do not decide which pieces, just how many.


Continue moving pieces to point at the other player’s defended blocker or at attackers attacking your blocker.  Stop when both players have used up the pieces they said.  When pieces point at other attackers in this battle, the smaller one is destroyed.  If both are the same size, destroy both.  The player’s defended blocker now with fewer attackers freely attacking the defended blocker wins the battle.  If both have the same amount of attackers, no one wins.

Note: When finding who wins a battle, size does not matter.


Turn all the pieces in the battle pointing upwards.  They are now blockers.


This battle counts as one more win for the winner.  It is useful to write the amount of wins each player has on a piece of paper or give them tokens of some kind for each battle won.


Battle in Progress:

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